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C[art] began in a San Francisco Garage as an experiment in participatory urbanism and community creativity. The concept employs a bicycle, and cart trailer to facilitate mobile collaborative community art. The prototype employed chalk panels around a lightweight frame constructed of aluminum angle and wood and was packed up and brought on a cross-country trip across the U.S. stopping in various cities to engage with the creativity of local people in L.A., Scottsdale, and Austin. Poor weather conditions and damage to the prototype kept it off the roads until Florida where it was more robustly rebuilt entirely out of HSS aluminum. The finalized cart is able to be packed completely flat in three pieces and assembled in minutes, and incorporates changeable canvas inserts. It was successfully met in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami with a crowd of young and old enthusiastically expressing themselves. The next trip of the cart has yet to be determined but will be making the rounds at a new city sometime soon!

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