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Surface studies the potential of façade and metal panel systems to re-imagine the identity of the NewInc – a subsidiary of the New Museum, which operates as an incubator space for designers and artists in New York. In order to create a physical and visual connection between the partnership, Surface takes cues from the SANAA designed New Museum, morphing a regimented, perforated façade into an expressive skin based on light requirements for programs within the New Inc. The metal panel system compresses in the center, with small perforations to moderate where gallery spaces, and expands on the upper and lower floors to allow more light in working spaces and event spaces. The folding panels also create opportunities for pedestrian interaction with a bench incorporated into the façade, and seating that seems to fold into interior spaces from the outside. The incorporation of twisted elliptical perforations creates a shimmering motion effect to passerby and bounces light back into the interior. The large perforations in the façade create more opportunities for light and view from the interior and create a playful contrast to the rigid metal system.


Fabrication was coordinated with Long Island based Maloya, who laser cut (type of gague) stainless steel sheets which were designed using the stich-cut method in order to facilitate hand assembly without complex tools for the prototypes panels. Experimenting with color and finish the final mock-ups were polished stainless on the exterior and painted on the interior

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